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90KVA Ac Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 50Hz To 60Hz 3 Phase Voltage Regulator

90KVA Ac Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 50Hz To 60Hz 3 Phase Voltage Regulator

ac automatic voltage regulator

adjustable ac voltage regulator

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Shanghai, China

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Ewen Power


CE, ISO:9001

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Product Details
Product Name:
AC Power Stabilizer
Product Model:
Input Voltage:
Output Voltage:
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Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
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Wooden Case
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Ready to Ship with Small Quantity (could be negotiated)
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200 pcs per Month
Product Description

90KVA Ac Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 50Hz To 60Hz 3 Phase Voltage Regulator


1. Product Overview


① The AC Power Stablizer is also called AC Power Regulator. It can be three phase or single phase. This product is three phase one. Its model is TNS(SVC)-90KVA. It's widely used in many places that needs stable three phase voltage. 


② The input voltage of this product is 380V±20% while the output voltage of it is 380V±2%. However, it could be 400V, 420V, or any other voltage that you wants. 


③ Its usage is to regulate and stabilize the voltage. It could be used in the following places: factories, plants, wharfs, shcools, hospitals, and other scenes needing steady output voltage so as to ensure the normal operation of machines.


2. Product Parameter of 90KVA


Product Name AC Power Stabilizer Product Model TNS(SVC)-90KVA
Input Voltage 304-456V Output Voltage 380V
Output Precision ±2% Working Frequency


Response Time <1s Working Altitude Less than 1000M
Working Temperature -10℃~40℃ Rated Capacity 90KVA
Input Current 109A Output Current 109A
Insulation Class F Insulation Resistance ≥2 MΩ
Protection Class IP20 Waveform Distortion Nil
Function Stabilizing Voltage Overload Capacity 30s with 120% of Rated Capacity

3. Product Parameter of TNS(SVC) Series


Model Rated Capacity Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current
TNS(SVC)-6KVA 6KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 7.29A
TNS(SVC)-9KVA 9KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 10.94A
TNS(SVC)-15KVA 15KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 18.23A
TNS(SVC)-20KVA 20KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 24.31A
TNS(SVC)-30KVA 30KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 36.47A
TNS(SVC)-40KVA 40KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 48.62A
TNS(SVC)-50KVA 50KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 60.78A
TNS(SVC)-60KVA 60KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 72.93A
TNS(SVC)-90KVA 90KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 109.40A
TNS(SVC)-100KVA 100KVA 380V±20% 380V±2% 121.55A


4. Applicable Circumstances


First, when the voltage fluctuates severely so as to influence the normal working of your appliance, the AC power stabilizer could be used here. 


Second, when your appliance is of high precision, it need stable voltage to help it work continuously.


Third, when the voltage is relatively low, your equipment can not work normally.


Four, the voltage is too high or too low, which might damage your equimpent.  


5. Capacity Choosing


① When the load is resistant one, like lamp, electric furnace, and resistance wire, you have choose a stabilizer with 1.5 to 2 times of the rated capacity of your appliance. 


② If the load is inductive or capacitive, it is suggested that you purchase a stabilizer with 3 to 5 times of the rated capacity of your equipment. For example, electromotor, pump, air conditioner, and refrigerator. When you want to stabilize the voltage when these equipment work, buy a stabilizer with proper capacity. 


③ If you are not sure what the characteristic of your loads, please purchase a stabilizer with at least 3 times of the rated capacity of your appliance. Or you could consult us with regrad to this question.


6. Use Instruction


① After receiving the product, please check whether the package is intact first. 


② Unpacking the wooden case, check if the product is undamaged after a long-time shipment.


③ Open the door of the iron enclosure and to read the wiring board to see how to connect wires to this product. 


④ Please power off before you connect wires to ensure your safety. 


⑤ After you connect all the wires, check again if the wires are correctly connected to the right position. 


⑥ Power on after finishing all the procedures above mentioned. 


7. More about Our Company


Please have a look at a part of our workshop. We are both a tading company and manufacturer. 


90KVA Ac Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 50Hz To 60Hz 3 Phase Voltage Regulator 0

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