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Digital Display Three Phase Transformer 50hz 20 Kva 3 Phase Transformer

Digital Display Three Phase Transformer 50hz 20 Kva 3 Phase Transformer

three phase power transformer

3 phase isolation transformer

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Shanghai, China

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Ewen Power


CE, ISO:9001

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Product Details
Product Name:
Three Phase Low Voltage Transformer
Product Model:
Rated Capacity:
Input Voltage:
690V/660V/380V/220V Etc
Output Voltage:
380V/220V/200V Etc
Warranty Period:
1 Year
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
Packaging Details
Wodden Case
Delivery Time
According to Quantity
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
200 pcs per Month
Product Description

Digital Display Three Phase Transformer 50hz 20 Kva 3 Phase Transformer


1. Product Overview


This product is a three phase low voltage tansformer, with a capacity of 20KVA. It's widely used in all kinds of industrial areas and different electrical equimpment needing corresponding voltage. Therefore, it's an important electric appliance in industrial use.


This tansformer is a three phase one. It's input voltage could be done according to your requirements. So does the output voltage. Common voltage ratio could be the followings: 380V3P/220V3P, 380V3P/200V3P, 380V3P/380V3P, 380V3P/208V3P, 415V3P/380V3P, 415V3P/220V3P, 440V3P/380V3P, 660V3P/380V3P, 690V3P/380V3P, 1140V3P/380V3P etc. Also, there could be multiple voltages, whether it's input or output voltage. It could be customized according to your actual conditions. Besides, three phase voltage can be transformed to single phase voltage. For instance, 380V3P transformed to 220V2P is quiet normal.


2. Product Features

First, its windings are copper-made. This helps the transformer work soundly and steadily for a longer time.


Second, it's enclosured by an dust-resistant and corrosion-resistant case, which is beneficial for the product to have a better working environment.


Third, It shows input and output voltage digitally, which helps you to read data more conveniently.


Fourth, the silicon steel sheet is of high permeability, facilitating a better electricity inductiveness.


Fifth, the wiring board is user-friendly, which indicates how to connect wires clearly (With input voltage indication and output voltage indication and neutral or PE indication).


Sixth, the overload capability is excellent. It could work for ten minutes normally with 120% of its rated capacity.


3. Product Specifications


Product Name

Three Phase Low

Voltage Transformer

Product Model SG-20KVA
Input Voltage


415/380/220/200V etc

Output Voltage 380/220/200/208 etc
Winding Material Copper Voltage Phase Three Phase
Working Frequency 50-60HZ Rated Capacity 20KVA
Working Efficiency >85% Working Temperature -10℃~45℃
Working Altitude <2500m Waveform Distortion Nil
Insulation Class F Insulation Resistance ≥2 MΩ
Output Precision ±2% Noise Less than 35db
Wiring Mode Y/Y, △/Y etc Lifetime 10-20 years
Cooling Method Air Cooling Function Voltage Switching
Dielectric Strength 3000VAC/1min Temperature RIse ≤60℃


If you wanto to know more about the specification of this 20KVA three phase low voltage transformer, please contact us without hesitation.


4. Company Advantages


① Ewen is both a manufacturer and trading company, with high-quality goods and fast response rate.


② Ewen has a strong team of production. This helps us to deliver goods with high efficiency.


③ Ewen has a professional technical team, the staff of which specialize in the technical problems of electrical equipment.


④ Ewen provides all-round aftersale services, which ensures the aftersale experience of customers.


5. Capacity Choosing and Usage of the Product


① Please calculate the capability of your electrical equipment before purchasing.


② Over-load is not permitted.


③ Please check whether the data listed on the label meet your requirements before you use it.


④ It is normal that the iron core and the coil become hot after it start working (But the temperature is under 80℃). Please cut off the power if the temperature is over 80℃ and even the transformer starts smoking. Then exam the capability of your electrical equipment and readjust it.


6. Product Display


Digital Display Three Phase Transformer 50hz 20 Kva 3 Phase Transformer 0

From this picture, you could see the omni-directional wheels, which helps you to move the machine easily.


Digital Display Three Phase Transformer 50hz 20 Kva 3 Phase Transformer 1

From this picture, you can have a look at the input and output voltage display. Also, the indication light will be on if the transformer works normally.

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