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9KVA 9000VA 3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer 380V 220V With Pure Copper Coils

9KVA 9000VA 3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer 380V 220V With Pure Copper Coils

3 phase voltage regulator

three phase automatic voltage regulator

Place of Origin:

Shanghai, China

Brand Name:

Ewen Power


CE, ISO: 9001

Model Number:


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Product Details
Product Name:
Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer
Place Of Origin:
Shanghai, China
Input Voltage:
Input Current:
According To Input Voltage
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
Packaging Details
Wooden Case
Delivery Time
According to Quantity
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
400 pcs per Month
Product Description

9KVA 9000VA 3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer 380V 220V With Pure Copper Coils


1. Product Introduction


About the rated capacity and the input and output voltage and current:


This product is a three phase voltage stabilizer, with a rated capacity 9KVA (9000VA). The output voltage of this stabilizer could be customized, like 380V3P used in China, 220V3P used in Japan, or 440V3P used in Venezuela, or any other voltage needed. The input voltage can be in accordance with the output voltage. For instance, 380V±20% or 220V±20%, or tailored range as you want. The input and output current is calculated based on the input and output voltage.


About the working frequency and environment:


The rated working frequency of this product is 50Hz to 60Hz. As for the working environment, please get a detailed information based on the following statements. The ambient working temperature is -10℃ to 45℃ while the appropriate  humidity is less than 90%. Besides, the altitude should be less than 2000 meters for the product to work normally. About the ventilation, it should be placed in a well-ventilated area to ensure the small temperature rise of the product.


About the appearance of the product:


The product of 9KVA is shown as in the pictures. There are three copper coils of this stabilizer. The enclosure of this product is of silver color. And the design of the product is tidy and reasonable. If you have any idea of the design of this product, you could propose it to us. It could be customized according to your requirements.


2. Product Specification


Product name Three phase voltage stabilizer
Product nodel TNS-9KVA
Product brand Ewen Power
Origin of place Shanghai, PRC
Rated capacity 9KVA
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Working efficiency 98%
Power factor 98%
Insulation class F
Protections Short circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-load, etc.
Load-bearing capacity 30 seconds with 120% of rated capacity


If you have further questions on more detailed information of this product, please feel free to contact us.


3. Major Competitveness


Firstly, it could respond very quickly to the voltage change. Normally, it could respond within one second when the voltage fluctuation is less than 10% of the rated output voltage.


Secondly, it has a high voltage stabilization accuracy. The output voltage could be ±2% of the rated output voltage. It could facilitate the normal performance of the electrical appliance it connects.


Thirdly, it could ventilated well itself. It has many ventilation holes in the enclosure to dissipate the heat generated by the equipment when it powers on. In this way, the stabilizer could work for a long time.


Fourthly, the voltage and current data could be shown clearly on the analog meters. These meters could give a direct data of the circuit, so that you could judge the working condition both of the stabilizer and the electrical equipment.


Fifthly, it is suitable for different loads, whether it is inductive, capacitive, or resistant loads.


It has numerous competitiveness of this voltage stabilizer, if you are interested, please let us know.


4. Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer Models


Product Model Size W*D*H (mm) Weight (kg)
TNS(SVC)-3KVA 510*340*180 28
TNS(SVC)-6KVA 290*330*690 35
TNS(SVC)-9KVA 330*340*770 60
TNS(SVC)-15KVA 360*440*770 70
TNS(SVC)-20KVA 430*390*860 80
TNS(SVC)-30KVA 460*402*880 105
TNS(SVC)-45KVA 550*460*1200 160
TNS(SVC)-50KVA 550*460*1200 170
TNS(SVC)-60KVA 550*460*1200 180
TNS(SVC)-75KVA 620*410*1340 210
TNS(SVC)-90KVA 620*510*1340 230
TNS(SVC)-100KVA 620*510*1340 257


5. Product Pictures

9KVA 9000VA 3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer 380V 220V With Pure Copper Coils 0

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