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Ewen (Shanghai) Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is both a manufacturer and trading company. Ewen has a comprehensive production line from material coming, warehouse entry inspection, parts assembly, finished products to delivery. Ewen is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent experience in cooperating with us.

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Ewen  supports OEM/ODM services. If customers have special requirements on the product, including enclosure design requirement, color requirement, material requirement, wiring requirement, and other requirements, our technical team would make every endeavor to help you with the design.


Ewen has done numerous OEM/ODM cases with various companies.

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These are some of the companies which have established a long-term cooperation relationship with Ewen.

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Ewen attches much importance to R&D innovation on different kinds of products. For more than ten years, Ewen has invested a lot in research and development on the upgrading of voltage stabilizer, transformer, AC DC switching power supply, reactor, and inverter.

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