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Contactless Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase 50 Kva Avr Auto Voltage Regulator

Contactless Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase 50 Kva Avr Auto Voltage Regulator

industrial servo voltage stabilizer

industrial voltage regulator

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Shanghai, China

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Ewen Power


CE, ISO:9001

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Product Details
Product Name:
Contactless Stabilizer
Product Model:
Rated Frequency:
Rated Capacity:
Input Voltage:
Output Voltage:
Output Precision:
±2% Or 1%
Response Rate:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
Packaging Details
Wooden Case
Delivery Time
According to Quantity
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
150 pcs per Month
Product Description

Contactless Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase 50 Kva Avr Auto Voltage Regulator


1. Product Profile


This kind of product is called contactless stabilizer, or non-contact stabilizer. It could be three phase or single phase. This product here is three phase one, of which the input voltage is 304V to 456V while the output voltage is 380V. Both the input voltage and output voltage can be tailored based on your needs. The product respond very quickly to stabilize the voltage, which only needs less than 30ms to help voltage stabilization. Its main parts include isolation transformers, circuit boards, silicon-controlled modules, LCD display and other essential parts. Its output accuracy can be customized from 1% to 3%. 


2. Product Specification


About Rated Capcity


60KVA 70KVA 80KVA 90KVA 100KVA
120KVA 150KVA 180KVA 200KVA 250KVA
300KVA 400KVA 500KVA 600KVA 800KVA


About Input
Rated Input Voltage 3*380VAC(3 Phase + N)
Input Voltage Range 380V±20%
Rated Frequency 50Hz-60Hz


About Output
Rated Output Voltage 3*380VAC (3 Phase + PE)
Output Precision ±2%
Power Factor >80%
Efficiency >98%
Response Time <30ms
Output Delay <5s
Waveform Distortion Nil


About Protection Functions
Over-voltage When output voltage is 10% more than rated one, stabilizer powers off automatically
Under-voltage When output voltage is 15% less than rated one, stabilizer powers off automatically
Over Load When output current is over the rated current, stabilizer powers off automatically
Phase Dislocation When three phase dislocates, stabilizer gives an alarm and powers off subsequently
Phase Lack When three phase voltage lacks one pahse, stabilizer gives an alarm and powers off subsequently
Short Circuit When the loading equipment is in a short circuit, stabilizer powers off automatically


About LCD Dispaly
Input Voltage Real-time display of the voltage of electrical power supply
Output Voltage Real-time dispaly of the output voltage of stabilizer
Output Current Real-time display of the output current of stabilizer
Working Mode Voltage Stabilization, bypass, over-voltage, under-voltage etc.


About Working Environment
Working Temperature -10℃~40℃
Working Humidity 20%-90%
Working Altitude <1000m


3. Main Components and the Functions


First, isolation transformers: a three phase contactlesss stabilizer has at least nine isolation transformers, which play an important role in compensating the voltage for the whole circuits. 


Second, circuit borads: they are advanced integrated circuits, which features in fast speed of transmission and sound performance. 


Third, Silicon-controlled modules: it helps to regulate the voltage with no noise.


Fourth, AC Contactor: it respond quickly if it's over-voltage or over load.


Fifth, Iron enclosure: it protects the whole parts of stabilizer, which facilitates a longer life of stabilizer.


Lastly, there are also many small parts, which plays an significant role in helping the stabilizer to work normally for a long time.


4. Applications


① CNC equipment     


② Laser-cutting appliance      


③ SMT equipment       


④ Medical device   


⑤ Railway stations      


⑥ Subway Stations     


⑦ and other places needing no-noise stabilizer.


5. Correct Operation


① Power off the stabilizer and the electrical equipment firstly. 


② Connect wires according to the indications on the wiring board. 


③ Turn on the power of stabilizer and the stabilizer enters into a condition of self-checking.


④ Turn on your equipment after the input voltage is in the range of rated input voltage.


⑤ Turn on your houshold appliance or industrial equipment in succession.


⑥ Turn off the power if you do not use the stabilizer. 


6. Detail Show


Contactless Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase 50 Kva Avr Auto Voltage Regulator 0


This is the LCD Display. You could see in this picture that there are different functions of those buttons and also the input and output voltage could be showed on the screen.


Contactless Voltage Stabilizer 3 Phase 50 Kva Avr Auto Voltage Regulator 1


This is the switch on the back of the iron enclosure of the stabilizer.

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