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60Hz Electronic Servo Voltage Stabilizer 50KVA 50000VA 380VAC 3 Phase AVR

60Hz Electronic Servo Voltage Stabilizer 50KVA 50000VA 380VAC 3 Phase AVR

industrial servo voltage stabilizer

industrial voltage regulator

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Shanghai, China

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Ewen Power


CE, ISO: 9001

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Product Details
Three Phase
Industrial Voltage Stabilizer
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
Packaging Details
Wooden Case (700*600*1500mm) for reference
Delivery Time
5-8 work days (according to quantity)
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
400 pcs per Month
Product Description

60Hz Electronic Servo Voltage Stabilizer 50KVA 50000VA 380VAC 3 Phase AVR


1. Product Specifications


Name: three pahse indutrial voltage stabilizer

Model: TNS-50KVA/50000VA

Capacity: 50KVA/50000VA

Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ

Input voltage: 380V±20%

Output voltage: 380V±2%

Input current: 75A

Output current: 75A

Precision: ±2%

Power factor: 98%

Efficiency: 98%

Protection class: IP23

Function: voltage stabilization for industrial use

Waveform: sine wave without waveform distortion

Temperature rise: less than 85℃ normally

Size: 55*46*120cm


2. Product Description


The product introduced is a three phase votlage stabilizer for industrial use. Its rated capacity is 50KVA, with input voltage 380V±20% and output votlage 380V. The voltage stabilization precision is ±2%, which facilitates precise output to the load equipment. The rated frequency is 50Hz to 60Hz.


This 50KVA industrial voltage stabilizer is mainly used in industrial areas and used with industrial electrical equipment. For instance, it could be used in plants, workshops, production lines etc. Besides, it could be applied with electrical appliance like generator, laser-cutting machine, air compressor, and other industrial electrical device.


3. Main Features


Strong load bearing capability The rated capacity of the three phase votlage stabilizer is 50KVA. It has a highly strong load-bearing capability.
Strong instaneous over-load-bearing capability The stabilizer could bear double rated current and load for 30 seconds.
Sound ventilation There are many ventilation holes on the enclosure, which facilitates lower temperature rise.
High output voltage accuracy The output precision is ±2%, which is a very high figure.
Fast response rate When the input voltage fluctuates within 10% of rated output votlage, it only takes one second for the stabilizer to react and stabilize the voltage automatically.
Full protection functions There are various protection functions like time delay, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-load, over-current etc.




4. Product Capacity Selection


How to choose a votlage stabilizer with appropriate capacity is very important. It is related to the performance of the stabilizer itself and the load equipment. Before you decide to buy a stabilizer, you'd better to know what kind of load your equipment is. Please have a look at the chart below to get a general idea of different loads and the corresponding examples.


Load Characteristic

Type of Appliance or Equipment Start Impact Appropriate Rated Capacity of Stabilizer
Capacitive load Computer, TV, refrigerator, fluorescent lamp, mercury lamp etc. 1.5-2 times 1.5-2 times of the capacity of your equipment
Inductive load Air conditioner, pump, air compressor, machine tools, printing machines etc. 3-5 times 3-5 times of the capacity of your equipment


Through the chart, you could draw a conclusion that the start impact of different loads varies. Therefore, the load bearing capacity of a stabilizer is different for different load equipment. Then how to choose the voltage stabilizer? Frist, confirm the rated capacity of your own electrical appliance. Then buy a voltage stabilizer with appropriate capacity according to the chart above. For instance, if the rated capacity of your air conpressor is 20KW, then youshould buy a voltage stabilizer with 60KVA at least.


5. More Pictures


60Hz Electronic Servo Voltage Stabilizer 50KVA 50000VA 380VAC 3 Phase AVR 0


Please see the wiring terminals to know how to connect wires correctly.

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