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LCD Display Automatic Voltage Stabiliser AC Stabilizer 3 Phase Avr 15KVA

LCD Display Automatic Voltage Stabiliser AC Stabilizer 3 Phase Avr 15KVA

automatic voltage stabiliser

automatic voltage stabilizer

Place of Origin:

Shanghai, China

Brand Name:

Ewen Power


CE, ISO: 9001

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Product Details
Automatic Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer
Three Phase 380V
AC Stabilizer
LCD Display
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
Packaging Details
Wooden Case
Delivery Time
According to Quantity
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
400 pcs per Month
Product Description


LCD Display Automatic Voltage Stabiliser AC Stabilizer 3 Phase Avr 15KVA
1. Quick Details


Basic Information

Item name Automatic voltage regulator/AVR
Item type TNS-15KVA
Product brand Ewen (Shanghai) Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Origin Place Shanghai, PRC
Weight 70kg for reference


Basic Parameters

Rated power 15KVA
Working frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Rated input voltage range 304-456VAC or tailored
Rated output votlage 380V or customized
Input current 23A
Output current 23A
Display LCD voltmeters


Techinical Specifications

Insulation class F
Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ
Temperature rise Less than 85℃
Dielectrical strength 2000V/1min


Ambient Environment

Temperature -10~45℃
Relative humidity 20%-90%
Altitude Less than 2000 meters
Ventilation condition Well-ventilated
Vibration No severe vibration

2. Protection Functions


There are several protection functions of this regulator.


First, over-voltage protection function: if the output voltage is higher than 470V, the regulator would power off automatically.


Second, over-current/load protection function: if the loading current is higher than the rated figure, the protection would work.


Third, under-votlage protection function: if the output voltage is lower 300V, the regulator would cut off power and stop working.


Fourth, time delay protection function: there are five-second time delay designed with the regulator. Before the voltage is output to the loading equipment, the voltage has been stabilized at 380V already.
3. Major Selling Points


① LCD display: the input and output voltage could be shown through the LCD voltmeters.


② High votlage stabiliazation accuracy: the output voltage is the same or very precise to the rated output voltage.


③ Fast response rate: the 15KVA automatic votlage regulator reacts very quickly to voltage fluctuation.


④ Strong load-bearing capability: with 15000VA capacity, the regulator has a strong load-bearing capability.


⑤ Pleasing inner and outer design: both the interior and exterior design of the regulator is tidy and pleasing.
4. Three Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator


The chart below shows the basic parameters of three phase automatic voltage regulator. The size and weight mentioned is for your reference. The capacity, input voltage, and output voltage could be customized to your requirements.


Model Capacity Input V Output V Size W*D*H (cm) Weight (kg)
TNS-3KVA 3000VA 304-456V 380V 51*34*18 28
TNS-6KVA 6000VA 304-456V 380V 29*33*69 35
TNS-9KVA 9000VA 304-456V 380V 33*34*77 60
TNS-15KVA 15KVA 304-456V 380V 36*44*77 70
TNS-20KVA 20KVA 304-456V 380V 43*39*86 80
TNS-30KVA 30KVA 304-456V 380V 46*42*88 105
TNS-45KVA 45KVA 304-456V 380V 55*46*120 160
TNS-50KVA 50KVA 304-456V 380V 55*46*120 170
TNS-60KVA 60KVA 304-456V 380V 55*46*120 180
TNS-90KVA 90KVA 304-456V 380V 62*51*134 230
TNS-100KVA 100KVA 304-456V 380V 62*51*134 257

5. Product Picture
LCD Display Automatic Voltage Stabiliser AC Stabilizer 3 Phase Avr 15KVA 0

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