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Low Noise 110A Dry Type Reactor Three Phase For 37KW VFD Input Line AC Reactor

Low Noise 110A Dry Type Reactor Three Phase For 37KW VFD Input Line AC Reactor

ac line reactor

electrical line reactor

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Shanghai, China

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Ewen Power


CE, ISO:9001

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Product Details
Dry Type Line(Input) Reactor
VFD Power:
Current Type:
Dielectrical Strength:
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Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
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Wooden Case
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According to Your Quantity
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Supply Ability
300 units per Month
Product Description

Low Noise 110A Dry Type Reactor Three Phase For 37KW VFD Input Line AC Reactor


1. Product Parameters


Item Name

Dry Type Line

(Input) Reactor

Product Model



Working Voltage

AC 380V3P/6603P


Rated Working Current 110A
Insulation Class H Pressure Resistance



Noise <35db Working Temperature -15~45℃
Dimension 21*13*17cm Working Humidity 20%-90%
Material Copper Reactance Rate 6%


For more detailed parameters, please get to us.


2. Product Introduction


Types of reactor:


A reactor can be referred to as either a line reactor or a load reactor, depending on it's installed in front of the VFD or after the VFD. A line reactor (also called an input reactor) is installed before the VFD and protects the drive, while a load reactor (also called an output reactor) is installed after the VFD and protects the motor.


Reactors' function:


Here we take line reactor for an example. As introduced above, a line reactor is often used before the VFD. So why it's necessary to install a line reactor before? Many of the components that consist the VFD are semiconductor components, which are very sensitive to power or current surges, voltage spikes, and line distortion.  A line reactor is an optional device that could be added to a drive system to protect the VFD and other devices from power surges. It helps to reduce harmonics and helps avoid unnecessary tripping of the drive.

3. Product Features

① Suitability for 380V and 660V system.
② Different reactance ratio could be customized: 1%, 6%, 7%, 12%, 14%.
③ High rated insulation level: 3kv/min.
④ High temperature resistance : iron core 80℃.
⑤ Long-time working when power frequency and harmonic current are less than 1.35 times of rated current.
⑥ Advanced production technology and high quaility material.
⑦ Low temperature rise and low working noise.
⑧ High insulation class: grade H.


4. Reactor Models


Product name Product model Rated current VFD power
Input (Line) reactor ACL-80A 80A 30KW
Input (Line) reactor ACL-110A 110A 37KW
Input (Line) reactor ACL-120A 120A 45KW
Input (Line) reactor ACL-150A 150A 55KW
Input (Line) reactor ACL-200A 200A 75KW
Input (Line) reactor ACL-250A 250A 90KW
Input (Line) reactor ACL-280A 280A 110KW
Input (Line) reactor ACL-300A 300A 132KW
Input (Line) reactor ACL-400A 400A 160KW
Input (Line) reactor ACL-450A 450A 187KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-80A 80A 30KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-110A 110A 37KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-120A 120A 45KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-150A 150A 55KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-200A 200A 75KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-250A 250A 90KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-280A 280A 110KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-300A 300A 132KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-400A 400A 160KW
Output (Load) reactor OCL-450A 450A 187KW


There are only a part of all the reactor models. If you want to have more information, pleas send us messages.

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