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High Accurate AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator 30KVA 220V For Air Conditioner

High Accurate AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator 30KVA 220V For Air Conditioner

single phase voltage regulator

single phase servo stabilizer

Place of Origin:

Shanghai, China

Brand Name:

Ewen Power


CE, ISO: 9001

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Product Details
Product Name:
Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer
Product Model:
Rated Frequency:
Rated Capacity:
Input Voltage:
150V-260V Or Customized
Output Voltage:
220V±2% Or 110V±2%
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
Packaging Details
Wooden Case
Delivery Time
According to Quantity
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
200 pcs per Month
Product Description

High Accurate AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator 30KVA 220V For Air Conditioner


1. Product Description:


① About the major components and applicable circumstances:


The major components of this single phase voltage stabilizer or regulator include one voltage-regulating coil, one voltage-compensating coil, a circuit board, an carbon brush, a servo motor, an enclosure, an air switch, omni-directional wheels and other essential parts.The single phase voltage stabilizer is mainly used for household appliance, like refrigerator, TV, air conditioner, and other home appliance. Also, it could be used in places where the single phase voltage is not stable.


② About rated capacity and input and output voltage:


The rated capacity of this product is 30KVA, which could bear a load of 24KW at most. There are many types of single phase voltage stabilizer. 0.5KVA to 50KVA is all available. The normal input voltage of this stabilizer could be 160-250V, and the normal output voltage is 220V. However, it could be tailored according to customers' needs. For example, the output voltage could be 110V.


③ Main parts' functions and features:


The voltage regulating coil is copper-made, which is of good electrical conductivity. Circuit board is made of high-quality electron components, which could work steadily for a very long time. Carbon Brush used in this product is wearproof, lowering the risk of machine malfunction. Servo motor is also a main part of the product. It is of low noise and high quality. The enclosure of stabilizer is an iron case, which effectively protects major parts of this voltage regulator. What's more, an air switch installed in the enclosure will turn off the circuit if the current is high than the rated current. And an very important part of this product is the omni-directional wheels, facilitating the movement of the product.


2. Product Specifications:


① Specifications of TND(SVC)-30KVA:


Product Name Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer Product Brand Ewen Power
Product Model TND(SVC)-30KVA Rated Capacity 30KVA
Rated Frequency 50~60Hz Working Temperature -10℃~40℃
Input Voltage 150~260V Output Voltage 220V±3%
Insulation Class F Insulation Resistance

≥2 MΩ

Input Current 110A Output Current 110A
Response Time <1s Efficiency >85%
Display Ampere Meter and Voltmeter Current Type AC
Waveform Distortion Nil Function Stabilizing Voltage
Weight 95kg Size 380*430*780mm
Protections Short Circuit, Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Over-current etc. Warranty 1 year


② Specifications of TND Series Products:


Model Size (Length*Width*Height) Weight
TND-500VA 190*160*135mm 4kg
TND-1000VA 220*200*160mm 5.5kg
TND-1500VA 220*200*160mm 5.8kg
TND-2000VA 240*270*200mm 10kg
TND-3000VA 230*295*250mm 12kg
TND-5KVA 230*320*270mm 15kg
TND-7.5KVA 250*420*360mm 16.5kg
TND-10KVA 280*340*550mm 30kg
TND-15KVA 340*385*655mm 64kg
TND-20KVA 380*430*480mm 70kg
TND-30KVA 380*430*480mm 95kg
TND-40KVA 430*490*900mm 118kg
TND-50KVA 430*490*1260mm 136kg


3. Applications:


① Household appliances including air conditioner, refrigerator, TV, induction cooker, rice cooker etc.


② School, hotel, hospital, and other places needing voltage stabilizer or regulator.


③ Electrical appliance like computer, printing machine etc.


④ Other places needing stable single phase voltage.


4. Competitive Advantages:


①  High-quality: the voltage stabilizer or voltage regulator could work for nearly ten years or even more due to it's reliable components and sound performance, if you use the machine in a proper way.


② Competitve price: we are both a manufacturer and a trading company. So the price is inexpensive compared with other trading companies and agencies.


③ Professional technicians: we have technicians who could design and plan according to your needs. If you have any question, our technicians would help you with it as soon as possible.


④ Quick delivery: we have a strong manufacturing team, which facilitates fast delivery.


⑤ Comprehensive aftersale services: we provide one-year warranty. If you encounter any problem with the product, we would respond within 48 hours and try to help you with the problem.


5. Product Details:


High Accurate AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator 30KVA 220V For Air Conditioner 0


You could see the regulating coil here and the indicating meters.


High Accurate AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator 30KVA 220V For Air Conditioner 1


Here you could see the compensating coil and the wiring board.


High Accurate AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator 30KVA 220V For Air Conditioner 2


You could see the corbon brush and the whole regulating coil.

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