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Low Noise AVR Voltage Stabilizer Three Phase 100KVA 50Hz With Copper Coil

Low Noise AVR Voltage Stabilizer Three Phase 100KVA 50Hz With Copper Coil

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Shanghai, China

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Ewen Power


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Product Details
Product Name:
AVR Stabilizer
Product Model:
Rated Capacity:
Three Phase
Current Type:
Input Voltage:
Output Voltage:
Response Time:
Working Efficiency:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
Packaging Details
Wooden Case
Delivery Time
5-8 work days (based on your quantity)
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
200 Units per Month
Product Description

Low Noise AVR Voltage Stabilizer Three Phase 100KVA 50Hz With Copper Coil


1. Product Overview


① This three phase AVR stabilizer is mainly compose of carbon brushes,  servo motors, copper coils, circuit boards, and enclosure.


② The carbon brushes used in the stabilizer is of 1017 model, which is a good-quality carbon brush, which is more durable than normal ones. This facilitate a longer life of the carbon brush and stabilizer.


③ The servo motors here are of low noise and sound performance, which prolongs the lifetime of stabilizer too.


④ Copper coils, the regulating coils, adjusts the output voltage automatically. They are of good electrical conductivity, facilitating the stability of the stabilizer.


⑤ Three circuit boards, functioning simultaneously with the regulating coils, independently and precisely controls the three phase voltage.


⑥ The enclosure of the stabilizer is made of iron, which is dustproof and corrosion-resistant. It protects the major components of the stabilizer.


2. Product Specifications


This product is called AVR Stabilizer, with a rated capacity of 100KVA. It's model is TNS-100KVA. The working Frequency of this product is 50Hz to 60Hz. More detailed specifications are listed as follows:


Input Voltage 380V±20% Output Voltage 380V±2% (or 3%)
Input Current 151A Output Current 151A
Output Precision ±2% or 3% or 5% (normally 2%) Response Time <1s (voltage fluctuation is gentle)
Insulation Class F Insulation Resistance ≥2 MΩ
Protection Class IP20 Product Efficiency >80%
Altitude <2500m Temperature -10℃~45℃
Function Regulating Output Voltage Waveform Distortion Distortionless
Weight 257kg Size 620*510*1340mm


Protection Functions Over-load, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, phase failure etc
Overload Capacity Maintaining nearly 30 seconds with 120% of the rated power capacity
Main Parts Iron enclosure, copper coil, circuit board, carbon brush and other essential parts and so on


3. Applicable scenes:


The product could be used in many places and areas which needs steady power supply. For instance, the following places often needs stabilizer to regulate voltage:


① Various factories and Plants.


② R&D Centers where needs stable voltage.


③ Common institutes like schools and hospitals.


④ Mining fields or oiling fileds or similar places.


⑤ Other sites where the voltage is not stable and fluctuates severely.


4. Capacity Selection


How you select the right rated power capacity of the three phase AVR stabilizer is very important. Because it's related with the lifetime of the stabilizer itself, also it's related with the electrical equipment that you use. So how do you choose a right product with proper capacity? Please see the following instructions.


① Confirming the machine you use is a single-phase one or three phase one. This is the first step.


② Then please confirm the rated power capacity of your electrical appliance.


③ If the load is capacitive load, the capacity of the stabilizer you want to buy should be at least 1.5-2 times of the one of your appliance.


④ If the load is inductive one, it would be suggested that the capacity be 3-5 times of the rated capacity of your appliance. 


⑤ If you are not sure of the characteristic of your electrical equipment, please choose a stabilizer with at least three times of its rated capacity to ensure the normal performance of the stabilizer and your equipment.


Please identify the rated capacity of your own appliance and then choose the right stabilizer accordingly.


5. Maintenance and Aftersale Services


① Checking the machine regularly to ensure its sound performance for a long time.


② Dedusting regularly to keep it clean so that it would work normally under a circumstance of clean environment.


③ We provide a warranty period of one year. As long as there is any problem occured to the product, we would offer our support immediately.


④ Small parts could be provided for free if it's in the warranty period.


⑤ Comprehensive assistance would be provided as long as there is problem that you could not solve.


6. Product Details


Low Noise AVR Voltage Stabilizer Three Phase 100KVA 50Hz With Copper Coil 0

Please see the LCD display of this product. The input and output voltage could be shown on this digital display. It's more convenient for you to read relevant data.

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