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High Accuracy Voltage Control Stabilizer 45 KVA 3 Phase Voltage Regulator

High Accuracy Voltage Control Stabilizer 45 KVA 3 Phase Voltage Regulator

industrial servo voltage stabilizer

industrial voltage regulator

Place of Origin:

Shanghai, China

Brand Name:

Ewen Power


CE, ISO: 9001

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Product Details
Insutrail Voltage Stabilizer
Three Phase
380VAC Or Customized
High Output Accuracy
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pc
Packaging Details
Wooden Case
Delivery Time
5-8 work days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
400 pcs per Month
Product Description

High Accuracy Voltage Control Stabilizer 45 KVA 3 Phase Voltage Regulator


1. Product Specifications


Item Industrial voltage stabilizer Type TNS-45KVA
Brand Ewen/OEM/ODM Place of origin Shanghai
Rated power 45KVA Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Input voltage 380V±20% or tailored to your needs Output voltage 380V
Input current 68A Output current 68A
Outpu precision ±2% Working efficiency 98%
Power factor 98% Insulation class F
Dielectrical strength 2000VAC/MIN Waveform Sine wave
Working temperature -10~45℃ Working altitude <1000m


For more detailed parameters, please feel free to contact us.


2. Product Introduction


This product is a three phase voltage stabilizer used in industrial areas. The rated capacity is 45KVA. The input voltage ranges 304V to 456V while the output voltage is 380V. The output accuracy is ±3V, which could ensure the normal work of the loading equipment. The working frequency is 50-60Hz.


The 45KVA industrial voltage stabilizer works by the following theory: when the input voltage fluctuates, the servo motor drives the carbon brush to move along the copper coil. In this way, the fluctuating voltage could be regulated at a certain figure that you want. As for the input and output voltage, it could be customized according to your needs.


3. Main Competitivenss


First, allergic to voltage fluctuation: the 45KVA three phase industrial votlage stabilizer reacts fast to the voltage change. In this way, the voltage could be stabilized at 380V very quickly.


Second, excellent in bearing various loads: it could bear different loads like resistant load, capacitive load, and inductive load.


Third, high voltage stabilization accuracy: the output voltage could be ±3V of 380V, which facilitates the constant work of load equipment.


Fourth, brilliant in ventilation: there are heat dissipation holes and fan designed with the whole machine.


4. Product Selection


First, please know whether it's three phase electricity or single phase electricity. If it's an equipment using three phase voltage, then you could choose a three phase voltage stabilizer. The same to single phase equipment.


Then it's important to choose a voltage stabilizer with proper power capacity. The capacity is decided by the power of your equipment. Firstly, please identify the characteristic of your equipment. It's capacitive or inductive. Secondly, please know that you have to buy a voltage stabilizer with larger capacity. Please see the chart below and choose a voltage stabilizer with proper capacity.


Load Type

Examples Start Impact Appropriate Rated Capacity of Voltage Stabilizer
Capacitive load Computer, TV, refrigerator, fluorescent lamp, mercury lamp etc. 1.5-2 times 1.5-2 times of the capacity of your equipment
Inductive load Air conditioner, pump, air compressor, machine tools, printing machines etc. 3-5 times 3-5 times of the capacity of your equipment


5. More Picture

High Accuracy Voltage Control Stabilizer 45 KVA 3 Phase Voltage Regulator 0


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